Thursday, May 27, 2010

crafty brides

today's crafty brides are looking for inexpensive alternatives for wedding dresses.  have you ever considered make your own wedding dress or using alternative fabric to create "the dress" for your big day?

i spotted this beautiful wedding on { style me pretty } yesterday and i was surprised shocked amazed that the wedding dress was made out of anthropologie shower curtain!! yes i know a curtain? this bride took diy to the next level.

how about a $10 wedding dress made out of xxl basic t-shirts. it's possible see the tutorial video below.

pretty impressive huh?
which one do you think is craftier? or do you think it's ridiculous?


  1. A budget-girl's gotta do what a budget-girl's gotta do! Super resourceful!!

  2. shower curtain. shower curtain. shower curtain. I loved her dress before I even read what it was made out of! So freaking amazing.

  3. That dress made out of an Anthro shower curtain amazes me to no end!!!


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