Monday, January 17, 2011

it's in the bag

i apologize in advance for the craptastic photography your going to be witnessing in this post
movin' on...
i received an email invitation from ashley of {the hasty life} to participate in "it's in the bag" blog crawl where each participate shares a picture of their bag, the contents of the bag and what the contents say about me as a person. 

so here's my bag... a huge navy blue tote bag i received from my mom from one of her travels. i love how soft it is and the fact that its the perfect size to carry all my stuff. 
1. coach wallet ~ i received this pretty wallet this christmas from my parents! it's lovely and hold everything i need.  
{what it says about me as a person} i have a weakness for coach

2. notebook ~ this is where p&p started. i'm sad that i only have a few pages left in it but this is where i jot down color combination, post ideas and anything else that inspires me throughout the day. 
{what it says about me as a person} i can't remember anything without writing it down

3. usb flash drives ~ a blogger's bff
{what it says about me as a person} i spend way too much time on my computer

4. prada glasses ~ i've worn glasses since the 2nd grade and i couldn't wait until i was old enough to get contacts {me + unflattering 80s glasses = hell} but now i actually prefer to wear them.
{what it says about me as a person} i'm nearsighted 

5. lucky white owl ~ it was a gift from my cousin. in japan the owl is a symbol of academics, wisdom and art. and the white owl brings good luck and happiness. i'll let you know if this little guys works.
{what it says about me as a person} i need all the luck i can get

6. lancome moisturizer ~ feels light on my skin and has spf
{what it says about me as a person} i'm not a fan of wrinkles

7. chapstick ~  it had a label but one day i was stuck waiting in line at the post office during the holidays and i took out my frustrations on the chapstick...sorry lil fella
{what it says about me as a person} duh?  soft lips

8. iphone ~ i make calls, text, web and play way too much angry birds with it. 
{what it says about me as a person} i like to stay connected

9. bath & body works roller perfume ~  its portable and has a nice clean scent.
{what it says about me as a person} i like to smell good

10. pen ~ i've had this pen for years. i'm not a fan of thin point pens and this one allows me to write thick fat words.
{what it says about me as a person} i keep things for way too long but i'm always prepared when i need to sign something

11. lia sophia earrings ~ just in case i need to add some last minute glam.
{what it says about me as a person} i'm an accessory junkie

12. keys ~ i found that large skeleton key at michael's for $1. it reminds me of the keys to my grandparent's house in portugal.
{what it says about me as a person} i drive alot and i secretly want to buy my grandmother's old house and live there. 

13. binder clips ~ i actually found these in a clearance bin at a office supply store and use them to clips my receipts or coupons.
{what it says about me as a person} i'm organized 

14. goody spin pins ~ perfect for a quick updo with out leaving dent marks like elastic bands do.
{what it says about me as a person} i hate when my hair gets in my face :)

A Hasty Life
 To see the full list of blogger participating and their days, visit {here}


  1. I have the exact same feeling about my glasses...I started wearing them in second grade and I LIVED for the moment my parents promised me contacts...but now, with all the great styles out there, I feel lucky to be able to wear glasses...I have a pair of burberry...but I'm really coveting some oversized black prada frames a la mad men

  2. ohhh what a pretty big purse!! i LOVE the earrings and how you carry it around for when you need to glam it up!! and the key is pretty cool too!!

  3. To start the photography is not as bad as you think, it's quite good!! Second, what a great bag full of delicious items! ;)

  4. Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl!! I love your new coach wallet! It is so beautiful! Plus I love how you really included what each thing says about you as a person. My fave part about your post!!

    <3 Ashley

  5. OMG lady - I too am OBSESSED with Spin Pins!
    LOVE this post!!!

  6. OMG Chris!!! You are killing me with this post. Yes, my contents look similar - especially the notebook and iPhone...and Angry Birds is ADDICTING! Oh and your Prada's sure are pretty!!! Two things you always find in mine - glue dots and a mini tape measurer...I know it's bad ;-))))


  7. I always love getting a peek into people's bags-it's so voyeuristic! I've gotten the same way with my glasses-in the 3rd grade my mother had to tote me around to countless dr's to get someone to write a 8 year old an Rx for contact lenses, but now you'll find me wearing my glasses all the time!

  8. This is hilarious... love what it says about you!! Spin Pins.. I NEED them in NZ!! I hate my hair in my face too!! And btw I've moved on from Angry Birds... I think my addiction is cured!

  9. that wallet is so fab. i have a coach checkbook wallet too! thanks for letting us peek into your bag :)

  10. I really love that big skeleton key chain! Such a cute find.

  11. Loved this post and sneak peak into your bag and life! Think I might keep a space pair of earrings in my bag from now on, what a brilliant idea!x

  12. Hi! I am your "neighbor" in the bag crawl. Thanks for the look into your bag. I love the earrings and the skeleton key chain.


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