Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{guest post} mini envelope favors from anastasia marie

Hello there! It's Anastasia {Stacey} from Anastasia Marie. I am really happy to be guest blogging here on one of my favorite blogs ever. There's incredible fun to be had here.

Today we're going to be making some sweet wedding favors. You can place these little ones on your guests' place settings, line them up on a separate table, or even pin them up on a line. It's all about how creative you want to get. 
I designed a printable template for you all to make things super easy. This template was made to hold seeds as the gift, but you can customize it even more by just trimming the bottom portion of the base card that speaks of the seeds, and insert whatever you'd like into the mini envelope. No one will ever know...

And honestly, it doesn't even have to be a wedding related favor. These little favors can work for other parties as well, from anniversaries to baby showers.

paper for printables
double sided patterned paper
scoring tool
craft glue
permanent double-sided tape
 1/4" satin ribbon
STEP ONE: Let's get started!
Download, print, and cut these cute base cards for the favors {the files have crop marks for easy trimming and should come out to be 3.25x4" in size}. Choose from six different colors: blue, orange, purple, gray, dusty pink, or green. You can download the base card template here.
STEP TWO: Choose your paper.
Select pretty patterned paper in the same color category as your chosen base card. Try to choose one that is double sided, so when the little envelope opens, the inner flap is cute as well. I chose to work with the dusty pink card.

STEP THREE: Create your envelope.
Cut out 3x5" rectangles from your chosen pretty paper. Score lines 1/4" in along both long sides of the rectangle, and then across the 2" mark and 4" mark. You should have a 1" flap up on top. Cut out your envelope flap in any shape that you'd like and cut down along the scored lines {along the long sides} until you reach the 2" scored line. 

Fold along your scored lines. You should be left with a bottom base with two flaps, a face and a seal flap.

STEP FOUR:  Assemble your envelope.
Use a little glue on the outer side of your base flaps, folding them in to seal your envelope together. You should be left with a mini envelope with its seal flap open.
STEP FIVE: Attach the two.
Use permanent double-stick tape on the backside of your mini envelope to attach it to the base card.
STEP SIX: Insert the gift.
In you go little seeds! Dab a little glue on the seal flap and seal the envelope so the seeds won't escape.
STEP SEVEN: Tie a bow.
Take a piece of 1/4" satin ribbon in a coordinating color and tie a bow around the base card and envelope. Feel free to tie whatever bow you'd like and place it anywhere you'd like around the envelope.
And you're FINISHED! 


  1. i've always loved the idea of flower seeds as the favor, with something cheesy written, like "grow some love of your own". thanks for the template :)

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  3. This is such a cute idea! I love it!

  4. What a divine idea!! I love this post! :)

  5. such lovely little favors and a great idea

  6. Thanks for allowing me the honor of guest posting Chris!

  7. I can't resist envelopes, and minis get me every time! I love this!

  8. What a cute idea for a wedding, or special occasion. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am head over heels about this idea! It's absolutely perfect! What a great idea and you can use any color or combination. Love this and thanks for sharing it!

  10. Mini envelopes? Yes! Love love love Stacey and her work :)

  11. Very cute & looks so easy & fun to do! :)

  12. this is so sweet & such a do-able DIY!! love it!

  13. Total Uniqueness! I love the idea of a non traditional favor. Unique favors create a remembrance for guest :)

  14. Wow this is a wonderful DIY idea!!

  15. What a fun idea! I love that this could be done in any wedding color scheme and with any type font.

  16. Thank you..... all the way from South Africa =)

  17. It look easy to do...I will try it out for mini Gift Card envelopes..cute idea.


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