Thursday, August 11, 2011

{guest post} digital pattern from hank + hunt

 Hi Lovelies! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt and I am super excited to share a little secret with you.  I was so happy when Chris asked me to do a guest post that I seriously did a little dance. I love Postcards and Pretties so much, it’s one of my FAVORITE daily reads.  

I love to share.  I always find cool little things that I think would just be perfect for this or that...and I HAVE to tell someone.  Today, I’m going to let you in on something scrapbook paper.  Now, before you start thinking “I’m not a scrapbooker, what does this have to do with my wedding?” and start walking away...let me explain.  Digital scrapbook paper (and their designers) can be your best friend.  It’s basically a file for  12 x 12 paper in a pattern.  So, it’s perfect for you if you don’t do DIYs, but you want to try little things here and there to customize your wedding. Paper napkin rings, bunting, cupcake flags, escort cards...anything you cut out of paper for your party or wedding.  Now, personally, unless a certain pattern catches my eye, the basic scrapbook paper aisle doesn’t appeal to me.  I love simple patterns, like stripes or a good balanced chevron.  That aisle at the craft store...not so much.  I can never find what I need or what color, besides solids, that would match my color palette.   

I started creating my own patterns for my parties.  I use the program Adobe Illustrator, which is pretty spendy for just your average girl who wants to throw a party, and takes a bit of time depending on how complicated your pattern is.  I took a class from Alma Loveland at Nicole’s Classes to learn how to make patterns, and while it was enlightening and life changing for me...I know not everyone wants to make their own.  That is perfectly ok. These next shops I rounded up on Etsy, do it all for you.  They are clean, modern and have beautiful palettes.  I even want some because really, they have some gorgeous patterns and it’s all ready to go. 
Honestly, how cool are these? These talented designers have done all the work for you.
So, now you ask what do I do with it?  At about $3-$5 per pack of designs, you will get a PDF download.  Take this little download and get your pretty little butt to Kinko’s and have them print it on 12x12 paper.  Cut your paper craft out and enjoy.  You  just customized your party with paper your guests are NOT going to see on their next trip to the craft store and they will think you are a DIY genius...which is what we all want right?

Thank you for having me, Chris! xo, Jenny


  1. Such a useful post, and pretty too! I'm off to check them out now...

  2. Great post!! I love patterns, i have to say ;)

  3. Thank you so much for having me, Chris! xo

  4. so gorgeous!
    i love the first and last ones :)

  5. wow! what a great product, i might have to check some of these out. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. LOVE this post. I am trying to learn illustrator now for little blog things and to make party invites, etc. for myself and this will help until I get there :) I have a soft spot for simple pretty patterns too!

  7. this is awesome! thanks for sharing such cool products! I've been working on my photoshopping skills for now and hopefully I'll be confident enough to move on over to illustrator and give these patterns a whirl :)

    ana :: Lucky In Love SF

  8. Oh I love these. So very pretty! :)

  9. These are gorgeous.... I'm sure you know how much I love patterns!!

  10. What cute patterns and colors. Thats a great post, and I enjoyed reading it. I will have to check it out when I have some time.

  11. so fun!!! i will defiantly have to buy some to play with it!

  12. very clever and pretty!


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