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{real wedding} anali + george

Anali + George's wedding is proof that you can create a gorgeous wedding in just six months.  Anali did like most brides and began her search online for her must have wedding location. She was also incredibly kind to share her wedding details with us ...take it away Anali "When we went to check out the Audubon we were stunned by how much better it looked in person! It had everything we needed for a beautiful rustic wedding. Among these things was a gorgeous historic stone house perched on the top of a hill overlooking a lovely creek, an old-wood barn and a rustic wooden and tin pavilion complete with a stone fireplace. Oh! And the best part was that everything surrounded by beautiful nature and of course the birds of the Audubon Center. We made a decision on the spot and were able to book our date for a Friday at the beginning of September - the perfect time for an outdoor wedding." 
"I would say that my favorite piece of handmade decoration was the “Welcome Amigos” sign. Kudos go to my amazing husband, my father-in-law and my sister who worked on it as a team and delivered this beautiful piece that was placed at the entrance of the Audubon."
"The bridesmaids were given a piece of fabric of a pale/nude pink color, and asked to pick their own dresses. I also asked them to stick more to a romantic dress style to keep the theme of the wedding. The groomsmen wore classic black suits supported by suspenders. Their bow ties I made myself with plaid style fabric. I wanted my dress to be classic and simple and George wanted a tux with a traditional look, similar to the groomsmen, but a bit more modern and slender. I made my veil from scratch and attached a bow to it for a more girly touch. Because the dress was very simple, I decided I wanted to wear a big and bold necklace."
"We wanted a simple and rustic wedding. We decided to stick to neutral and hearty colors in order to not take away from the natural beauty of the Audubon but to emphasize it. We incorporated burlap as table runners, candles, wooden barrels, lanterns, etc, to go with the theme of the wedding. I am originally from Paraguay and I wanted to include a few things from my country. The most mentionable item was an authentic hand woven Paraguayan hammock imported from the country-side. Additionally from Paraguay I brought in handmade doilies and little jars with dulce de leche that doubled as place holders and party favors."
"I also took on the assignment of making the flower arrangements and bouquets. This was pretty easy, but a bit stressful because I could only work on the flowers just before the wedding. I wanted mostly white wild flowers and was able to buy them in bulk at a wholesaler. Last minute, I ended up adding white roses and some handpicked flowers from a local farm field."
"The day of the wedding was a sunny and warm end of summer day. Our guests arrived to the sounds of acoustic Brazilian jazz and we danced the night away to a mix of classic and new Latin and American songs. Our DJ did the best job we have ever seen, especially considering the challenge of multi age groups and multi cultural backgrounds."
"During the week it had actually rained for the 4 days previous the wedding day, and though we were blessed with a sunny day, the humidity was very high and our predicted cool September evening ended up being an extremely energetic albeit sticky summer night. This was a blessing in disguise and gave way to the highlight of the night: two weeks earlier I thought about having an ice cream truck pull up during the dance party. Well, given the warm night and the amazing dance floor, there could not have been any better of an offering to our guests than the delicious homemade soft serve ice cream to a crowd of sweaty, warm and happy dancers."
"As I look back and think of all details that were incorporated into this wedding I realize that what really made this occasion an unforgettable one wasn’t all the hard work we put into it but the presence of our family and friends that were able to join us and helped us organize and celebrate one of the best days of our lives!"
{Venue} John James Audubon Center, Eagleville, PA
{Church} Holy Saviour Church, Norristown, PA
{Catering} Jeffrey Mills Catering
{Band} Chance of Rain
{DJ} East Coast Events- DJ Johnny V
{Transportation} Bucks County Trolley Company, Hagey Coach and Tours
{Ice Cream Truck} Big Chill Ice Cream
{Dress} Almata, Rivini
{Necklace} Dannijo, Ismene Bib Necklace

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  1. Just stunning!!!! I adore the rustic setting, the lace hammock, and her amazing bibb necklace and well everything. So unique!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. Wow, what a stunning bride!! I lover her necklace! And the bouquet is so sweet.... all very very gorgeous!

  3. i love it. especially the flower arrangements and her bouquet. and it gives me hope that she planned it in 6 months because my boyfriend and i keep talking about getting married in june, but he still hasn't proposed yet. ha :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the bride's statement necklace!
    Lexi xx
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  5. LOVING the bride's accessories. Especially, the jewelry and the shoes!

  6. Oh my gosh. I cannot get over that gorgeous necklace. Wow. To die for.

  7. Beautiful wedding! I have to agree with many of the above posters that the necklace is the most beautiful!!!!

  8. Just breathtaking! The bride's look is impeccable and so classic!

  9. I'm absolutely in love-what a gorgeous wedding!!

  10. Lovely wedding!
    XX, Pá

  11. holy cow, her necklace is amaze!! love her whole style!

  12. I LOVE all of the dresses in this wedding! The bride's gown, the bridesmaids dresses...LOVE.

  13. All of the details her are so pretty and well done. Her necklace is insane! Love it.

  14. A doily hammock!? I die. Love it all, and that bride is gorgeous!

  15. Fabulous! Just adore everything! The necklace is an amazing statement, the bridal party is so stylish, and the decor is so well done! CHEERS!!

  16. I am DYYYYYYYYING over her necklace. DIE - INGGGGKKAAHHH.Chris it's been so long since we've chatted! #cryface

    OMG did I just hashtag the comment field? Sigh.

  17. wow, what a gorgeous wedding! i love the colors

  18. Gorgeous wedding! The bride's attire was simply stunning. Great choice in a bold necklace for a more simple dress. The colors and the details of the wedding were amazing.

  19. Everything was amazing especially the beautiful bride!!! Wish we could do it all over again! Congrats to my twin bro and sister-in-law! Love you and wish you an eternity of happiness!!!!


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