Thursday, November 12, 2009

{style} pocket squares

i wanted to show some love for the grooms today.  a great alternative for boutonnieres are pocket squares.  they can easily match your color scheme with solid colors or graphic patterns.  if you really want to dress your man up pair up the pocket square with the boutonniere for a well accessorized groom.

{pocket aquare how-to}
start with a handkerchief that is 15 inches square.
for best results, iron it just before folding.

1. lay the square flat on your work surface with the right side down. Fold the square in half by bringing the top point down to meet the bottom point; you'll end up with a triangle.
2. fold the left point of the triangle down so it meets the bottom point.
3. fold the right side down in the same manner.
4. fold the left point of the diamond shape over so that the point touches the middle of the folded fabric.
5. fold the right point over to the middle in the same way.
6. fld the bottom point up to cover the other points by about an inch, hold in place so it doesn't unfold, and carefully tuck the folded handkerchief into the left-side jacket pocket so that about 3 inches are exposed.

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