Monday, March 1, 2010

{#61} welcome to wonderland inspiration board

{colors} pink, lavender, white, blue & green
{description} happy monday friends...hope everyone had a great weekend. for today's board i was inspired by a little movie thats coming out this friday {alice in wonderland} personally i prefer the classic version {maybe it's due to the fact that tim burton films spook me a little}.  welcome to wonderland is a whimsical and pretty tea party set in a garden setting.  my favorite things from this wedding board are the oversized chair and the keys escort cards. which version do you prefer classic alice or '10 version?
{photos} vintage clocks {etsy love} couple photo {martha stewart weddings} pink dress {so happi together} crown wedding cake toppers {instyle weddings} bowtie {leigh miller} large bow hairband {} croquet playing groom {erin swift} pennants {martha stewart weddings} tea cups and saucers {this is glamorous} bouquet {martha stewart weddings} whimsical table {country living} skeleton keys escort cards{oh so beautiful paper} bunny speckled egg {martha stewart}


  1. Love it! How do you feel about me featuring a couple of your boards on our blog? You are ultra talented and I'd love to showcase your work!

  2. love that peach crinoline dress and the teacup cupboard!

  3. I love how fun this is! I've always thought that an Alice in Wonderland themed shower would be amazing, too.

  4. I much prefer the Tim Burton. One, because I love Tim Burton and two, because the original Alice in Wonderland was a mix of the books and they didn't do a very good job of mixing them (in my opinion) but Tim Burton just extended the story, using Carol's characters in a (somewhat) new story.

    P.S. I love this inspiration board. Especially the over sized chair and the clocks.


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