Thursday, April 29, 2010

{diy} trophy boutonniere

yes people i created my own diy project... this boutonniere was actually inspired by my board {#84} kentucky derby . i wasnt really sure how it was going to come out and my pictures aren't the greatest but i actually love it.  since the board is not traditional "derby" i used mini succulents from my garden instead of red roses.  what do you think? yea or nay?

mini award trophies
1in. pin backs
mini succulents
white spray paint
hot glue gun
handsome groom {just kidding ;)}

{1} spray paint the mini award trophies white and allow them to dry
{2}glue the pin back onto the mini trophy

{3} inside the mini trophy add a dab of glue and stuff with moss.
{4} cut the stem of the succulent and insert in the painted mini award trophies.
{5} trim any loose moss.
{4} pin the boutonniere on your handsome groom


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