Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{guest post} jenny haas

i'm so happy to have jenny haas of {jenny haas photography} on the blog today.
she created these adorable embroidery hoops that can be used for your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle to add a unique twist to a country wedding.

vintage fabric
embroidery hoop
glue {optional}

{1.} cut your fabric into a square, and make it a little larger than the size of your embroidery hoop. {make sure there are two sides to it, so the back side of the final product looks nice}.
{2.} take the largest outer rim of the quilt hoop and put it on top of the fabric. trace around the edge with a pencil and cut out the circle. 
{3.} once you cut out the circle, flip the fabric so each bad side is back to back {the good side of the fabric should be on the outside}, then put a dab of glue on the inside of the edges {not the middle} to hold the fabric together.
{4.} once the glue has dried, place the fabric into the quilting hoop and secure. {glue is optional}
{5.} the final step includes cutting the string, or ribbon of your choice and tying it to the top of the hoop.

jenny also suggests cutting out letters {with your initials, or "mr. & mrs."} and adding them to create a banner to hang above your cake or gift table.


  1. Embroidery hoops always work so beautifully in a wedding or party!! This idea is great and super stylish.

  2. these are gorgeous!! what an amazing idea.

  3. oh this is SOOOOO sweet! It reminds me of my grandma who lives out in the country (which is only a GOOD thing), it totally looks like something she would make!


  4. So pretty - and what a great gift for someone!

  5. I'm in awe of her talent!! So beautiful!

  6. This is the most darling this EVER! THank you for sharing with us, Jenny!

  7. Oh I love this idea! Huge fan of embroidery hoops - and this is just adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, meant to ask - did you find your drawers this weekend on your outings? I hope so!


  8. These are SO sweet! I love her photography, too!

  9. That is SO SO SO cute!!!! How creative!

  10. I'm so glad you liked it...jenny did a great job!

    @kristi - i had no luck with the drawers but i'm not giving up that easily

  11. I love the look of these hoops, especially your idea of using them as a banner. I think they'd be adorable in a tree, too, at the ceremony or reception.

  12. Super cute...we love this personal touch!

  13. What a fabulous idea, these are unique and simply stunning!


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