Friday, August 13, 2010

love quilt

happy friday friends!!!
why is it that the week you return from vacation seems to drag? well anyway it's finally the weekend and i hope everyone has a great one...especially my sweet friend abby of {life in the super burbs} because tomorrow she is getting married!!! whoohoo!!
aren't they the cutest ???

and to celebrate we are having a virtual bridal shower for her.  
a bunch of us twitter friends {let's call us the "b-team" got together and sent out a love quilt from {tapestri} embroidered with our favorite quotes out to abby as our wedding gift to her. below are snippet of the quilt with my quotes. 

"love doesn't make the world go 'round. love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - franklin p. jones

"love is perhaps our only glimpse of eternity"- james fineous mccbride

 stop by {life in the super burbs} to see the full love quilt.  
congrats abby!!!

meet the "b-team"
Kim @ Bride Goggles  |  Sofia @ Brancoprata  |  Magalie @ Weddings & Pretty Things   
Alison @ The Knotty Bride |  Kate @ Simply and Forever   |  Robyn @ Meant to Be Sent  
Naomi @ Enchanted Dream Weddings  |  Andrea @ Gwyneth Paige  |  Brit @ The Landlocked Bride  

so today's question is...
what's your favorite wedding gift to give?


  1. Fav wedding gift is shares in an area of natural woodland. We're REALLY short of it here in the UK and as the couple can eventually gift their shares to their kids, it helps to keep some areas protected. you all about it.

  2. Right now I am giving the gift of housewarming invites for a close friend who just got married!

    I love to be able to give somthign creative, that the bride and groom love!

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. I agree with your quote 100%! "The B-team" - LOVE IT! lol.

  4. it turned out so well! yay! can't wait to hear all about it from abby! you guys are too sweet.

  5. I like to give crystal candle sticks -- there's something so romantic and luxurious about crystal and I love the idea of the warmth lit candles bring into a home. They can use them for every special occasion, for romantic dinners on their dining table, for holidays, and all year round.

  6. congrats to your friend!! love the idea of sending love quotes!! :)

    well i usually just give something off the registry but i do like giving presents at least a month or two before the wedding. i remember we got really excited to see packages at our door wayy before our wedding! :) i love the idea of giving honeyfund gifts too (the couple must set up that registry), it's sort of like a gift certificate to an activity a couple can do on their honeymoon! :)

  7. Love!! You were amazing during the entire process, always so creative ;) it was a joy to do this with you!!!

  8. What a wonderful heartfelt and creative gift.


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