Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{real wedding} bethanie + tyler

maranda of {evoke images} sent over this lovely ever after shoot. here is what she had to say about bethanie + tyler and their special day.

 "tyler & bethanie are two old souls. truly. spend any amount of time with them and the charm and romance they exude is sure to rub off.  she was from indiana, he was from canada. their long-distance relationship cultivated a devotion and ardor for each other that is simply breathtaking.  i am so glad they found me and brought me up to Indiana to capture their special day!

 the couple chose to have an intimate ceremony with family only, after which we traveled to a hidden treasure of a town with old houses, antiques, and cobblestone streets. we couldn't have asked for a better setting; this location fit tyler & bethanie like a glove.  the couple had just seen each other the day before after a long period of separation... good lord! the emotions and energy the newlyweds were giving nearly blew me off my feet! 

later that night at the hotel I can remember feeling as if I had just come off the set of a Jane Austen movie. I will never forget the love and romance this sweet couple shared. Inspiration comes in many forms, but tyler & bethanie completely broke the mold for me. 

i absolutely love her dress...oh did i mention that bethanie's mom made it...

congrats to bethanie + tyler!! 

to see more visit maranda's blog {here} and if you love the ever after shoot make sure to check out bethanie + tyler's {wedding} too.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Love the color tones...perfection!

  2. Oh my word. This is so lush and romantic. I'm, as ever, impressed.

  3. OMG! I am in love with this session! The vintage feel with the VW van so great! This reminds me of your vintage board you created this week! :)

  4. This is so so so lovely! Dresses with sleeves are such a good idea - especially for fall or winter weddings. A strapless dress when it's freezing out does not good sense make.

  5. Awww! This is oodles and oodles of romantic. Great vintagy feel and an adorable couple. :)

  6. These 2 are lovely! Nothing beats a great vintage dress and a rustic background. Swoon!

  7. What a gorgeous look this has to it. Love the vintage look of the photos and the muted colours. And her dress is beautiful!!

  8. GORGE! These look like a fairytale.

  9. Their countenances say, "So in love..." The bride's breathtaking in her perfect dress and the groom looks smashing, too. (Don't forget the groom!) This handsome couple made some wise decisions, one of which was choosing Evoke Images. Good job, Maranda! P.S. Did you know the oh-so-talented mother of the bride MADE the dress?!

  10. Fabulous vintage dress and amazing location!!!



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