Friday, October 15, 2010

{friday faves} stop motion save the dates

happy friday!!
 i'm a huge fan of stop motion videos {must of been my love for gumby back in the 80s} and they are popping up everywhere especially in video save the dates. not only are these save the dates fun and creative but the song choices are pretty awesome too..
watch, listen and enjoy...hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Save the date! 31 july 2010 from Kishi-Grover on Vimeo.

{song} "first day of my life" by bright eyes

a+a's save the date from Courtney Brooke on Vimeo.
{courtney brooke via grey likes weddings}

{song} "what i wouldn't do" by a fine frenzy

a slice of invite from Jodi Miller on Vimeo.
{jodi miller photography}
 a big virtual hug going out to jodi + kurt!! today is the day ...congratulations!!

{song} "m79" by vampire weekend

if you have a minute...i would love for you to fill out my survey {here}


  1. How Fun!!!

    p.s. I love Gumby too! Pokey was my fav :)

  2. Great pics, these are definitely my faves!! Love it!

  3. I ADORE these!! They are just ridiculously clever!! Jodi's one just makes me happy, it's so damn cute. Congrats to them for today!

  4. i LOVE stop motion save the dates! so freaking fun!

  5. I have honestly never seen these before!! Too cute & so clever..thanks for sharing girl!

  6. Brilliant!!!!!!!! Oh I love those so much! What a great post!

  7. This is a great idea! So creative and unique! I'm telling my brides about it :)

  8. so ridiculously fun!

  9. Such a fun, fun idea! Have a great weekend, Chris!

  10. I love stop motion, and these engagement vids are so adorable!

  11. The middle one is my favorite! although all three are amazing!

  12. These are so cool. What a fun save the date idea. I really like the last one shown.


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