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{guest post} hanging mason jar save-the-date

 Hi Postcards & Pretties readers! 

My name is Lauren, from Lauren Elise Crafted, and I am honored to be here today, guest posting on one of my favorite wedding inspiration blogs.  Awhile back Chris asked me if I wanted to contribute to her beautiful blog and my answer was an oh-so-definite YES!  I love Postcards & Pretties for many reasons (one being Chris’s sweetness!), but I must say the inspiration boards are a favorite of mine.  If there was an Olympic event for picture board making, Chris would win gold…every year…she’d be unstoppable!  I’m not quite sure how she repeatedly wows us with these beautiful boards but every time she puts up a new one I’m blown away.  I cannot thank Chris enough for being such a great resource for not only brides but designers as well. 
 So for our DIY today, I have a crafty save the date that is perfect for all the brides that got engaged over the holidays.  The inspiration: mason jars!  Mason jars are the perfect detail for a rustic wedding and you see them all over the place.  Personally, I love this trend! These vinitage-esque jars are not only adorable but totally functional and can be used after the wedding as well.  So I recommend buying them up and scattering them all over your event!  And if the jars alone aren’t enough than this DIY is for you.  The jar design and the embroidery details together are the perfect handmade touch and your guests will not only love receiving them but also displaying them as a reminder.
muslin fabric
mason jar template
black embroidery floss
white felt
red twine & red thread
washi tape
printed save-the-date sheets
tacky glue
hot glue
red ribbon

 Get a mason jar template to use for tracing {image A}.  My template was a mason jar stamp by Inkadinkado Stamps.  Cut out a small piece of muslin and trace the jar onto the fabric with a pencil {image B}.  Embroider the outline with black embroidery floss using a simple backstitch {image C}.  Embroider over everything in pencil {image D}.
Cut out a piece of felt the same size as the muslin {image E}.  Set the felt aside for now.  Cut a 6” piece of red twine and stitch the center of the twine to the center of the jar with red thread {image F}.
Print out your save-the-date sheets with all of your information on them {image G}.  Mine were about 2.5” x 5” in size.  Roll up each sheet and hold together with some red-patterned washi tape {image H}. 
Glue the backside of the muslin with tacky glue {image I} and seal together with the felt {image J}.  Allow plenty of time for the fabric to glue together and dry.  I glued mine, placed it under some heavy books, and left it for about an hour.  Once dry, cut off the excess muslin and felt fabric, leaving a thin border around the black embroidery floss {image K & L}. 
Cut a small piece of red ribbon, make a loop, and glue both sides to the back of the mason jar (on the felt side) with hot glue {image M}.  Finally, place the rolled up save-the-date message in the mason jar and tie a bow with the twine to secure it {image N}.  
Send these handmade mason jars to your guests and they will hang it as a reminder for your wedding!   
Thank you so much for having me here today Chris!  I hope you all enjoy the DIY and that it inspires you to get crafty!     

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  1. This is so cute. If I weren't sending out save the dates to so many addresses, I would so want to do this. I may drive myself crazy making 300 of these.

  2. absoluttly cute! I love , love , love this idea!

  3. This is so sweet and cute! Great job Lauren and Chris, your blog is amazing! Hugs, Marianna

  4. I absolutely adore this DIY!!!! Bananas!

  5. Lauren is... Mmmm what word should i use.... i could start with... super talented, super creative... or even ... genius... but none of these words express how i really, really feel about Lauren. Her work is amazing! I feel blessed to know her and to be inspired by her... every single day!! This save the date is so, SO beautiful!!!!

  6. oh my goodness. Lauren you are so creative!!
    I absolutely love this! Can't wait to share!

  7. This is such a charming idea, I love it! You are so creative Lauren!

  8. Cutest. save the date. ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks so much for sharing, I hope one of the couples I am working with does this!

  9. These are so adorable! Love them!

  10. Love these! They are so clever and pretty, Lauren Elise you are a creative force to be reckoned with! You just keep turning out the awesomeness.

  11. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! I want to hug you all right now :)
    And thank you Chris for having me on your beautiful blog!

  12. this is too adorable - i love the DIYableness - i might just make some just because, wouldn't it be great to have an entire mini tree of these next christmas?

  13. A mini-tree of mason jars would be amazing Erin! Love your thinking! :)

  14. I knew i would see Jacin on here!! :) This is so neat and a great idea!

  15. That is so darling! And of course, I love Jacin's response!

  16. Amazing, amazing! Lauren does it again!

  17. Spectacular!!! Lauren does it again ;-))) So super creative and such a unique idea! I want to make some of these to have - to send out on occasion to friends and family!! Would love to send them to my niece and nephew and say...a jar full of love from your auntie!! Or when a friend needs a pick me up.

    Lauren - you my dear, are amazing and sooooo inspiring!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


  18. Wow! that is dedication to make all those save the dates! I love the idea of making them hang on something. clever...


  19. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!! So cute + clever!!

  20. What an absolutely amazing idea! So special, I'd love to receive one of these!:)

  21. Great project think I will try this with the kids this weekend.Thanks for sharing.

  22. This is really creative idea. Anyone receive this will totally adores it!


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