Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{in the studio with} hey gorg events

Rhiannon Nicole of Hey Gorgeous Events

Grand Rapids, Michigan
How many years have you been in the wedding industry?
One :)

How did you get started?
Planning my own big day (and running into endless roadblocks and obstacles along the way :) really fueled my desire to do this gig full time so that I could help brides stay focused, organized, inspired and supported on their own journeys. Combining that with my desire to style and infuse personally into events, this business venture only seemed so logical. Thankfully prior to starting my business I already had been blogging for a few years and had a lot of exposure in the industry which gave me a leg up in the preliminary stages of Hey Gorg Events.
Where do you go for inspiration?
I find inspiration in just about everything; a pretty photograph, a song, an outfit. But these days I've been spending a lot of time and finding a lot of inspiration on that little thing called Pinterest :) I just love pinning all of those fabulous finds and creating boards to share with my clients for their big day visions. The Internet is such a fabulous place to continually stay inspired and enlightened.

What's your signature style?
Everyone knows I love soft soft pinks, grays and romantic, film-like photography. But I love pale blues and greens, black accents and a nice modern geometric detail. I love modern details with a timeless feel, and feminine touches that still offer enough masculinity to remain classy. Funny enough my wedding/business aesthetic is very similar to my personal/home aesthetic. I guess I'm pretty predictable in that sense :)
What’s your favorite spot in your studio?
I just love sitting at my desk only to look around and feel so happy and content with my office and how pretty it really turned out. It's far from being fancy but it's very much a representation of me, my style and my business and that's really important to me. I love being in my office at around 7:00 pm at night because the light that streams through my girl cave then is simply heavenly. I also love my pink wall. I recently changed my desk around so that I am facing the pink wall now; it's awesome!

Do you have a current favorite color palette or wedding trend?
I absolutely love a blush or champagne pink paired with gray, white or even a mint green. But truth be told, I love all sorts of palettes and colours because they each elicit their own unique feelings. For a truly classic look that will forever remain timeless I love an all white on white palette; there's something so striking about that. And gray is always in style whether you wear it, live surrounded by it or are getting married amongst it.
Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I will be happy and successful. And I'll be in a bigger more badder girl cave then the one I have now here in our rental :) I can't predict where I will be in one year from now so to think five years ahead is sort of a crazy thought to me. But wherever it may be, I hope it's some place awesome. Because I think it's pretty awesome where I am now.

Finish this sentence
"I can't live without... my family, my husband, my friends, my cat, love, my bed, pasta, chocolate, my iphone, my bathtub, Starbucks, my ability to create and be creative, my blog; clearly there are too many things I can't live without. In any case, I am very blessed and thankful for so many things.


  1. This office space is's inspired me to redo mine! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a clean, modern space from an inspiring lady! Thanks for bringing this to us.

  3. Aww yay! Love Rhiannon and her blog! Her office is so gorgeous!

  4. Rhi is so cute! I love what she did with her office!

  5. so modern and wgite, but beautiful! I love that style and the kind of accessories!
    I'm dreaming to be one soon

  6. Always love to see & read more from Rhi :-)

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  9. Oh wow! I want your office ~ it's gorgeous! So calming and pretty. Lovely to get an insight into the girl behind the gorgeous blog! :)

  10. SO stunning. I love Rhi and her beautiful blog and girl cave (:

  11. I love her space....and the colors are gorgeous!!

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  13. Rhi is the absolute best. You think this girl cave is pretty in should see it in person. So adorable! xoxo Rhi!


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