Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{in the studio with} twig & lily

Christina Bronstein of Twig & Lily 
Austin, Texas
How many years have you been in the wedding industry?
A year now! 

How did you get started?
For years I used art as a creative outlet and worked in the Advertising industry while unofficially designing event stationery for friends and family. Then one day, I decided to follow my heart, leave the advertising world and follow my passion of art and stationery design. Shortly there after, Twig & Lily was born. One of the very early things I did to boost my confidence and get my name out there was to attend local craft fairs and I haven't looked back since!
Where do you go for inspiration?
I am and have always been inspired by nature. Really, inspiration is everywhere for me when I'm open to receive it. That being said all the lovely blogs out there are an amazing source of inspiration. And of course there's Pinterest

What's your signature style?
I love collaborating with a client on any style. But my signature style would have to be a combination of clean vintage whimsy with a touch of nature through textures like kraft paper and twine. I love mixing pretty feminine elements with rustic charm.

What’s your favorite spot in your studio?
Right at my good ol' mac!

Do you have a current favorite color palette or wedding trend?
My current favorite wedding trend is the hand drawn typography and art elements within invitations. The hand drawn elements give such a beautifully quaint feeling to what can sometimes be cold stationery pieces and I just love that.
Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I see myself continuing to work with custom clients on creating beautiful event stationery. I would also love to see my line of inspirational art and stationery in many more boutiques. Along with that I would love to have an expanded offering of stationery, home art, decor and event goodies on my website.

Finish this sentence ~  “I can’t live without…” My husband, friends, family and dog. Also I really couldn't live without: green tea, chocolate, nature, my mac, Italian food, creating and designing art, yoga {it keeps me sane}, love, laughter and travel.


  1. Great inspiring interview! It is always so encouraging to see women who have stepped out of their day jobs into their passion and succeeded. xoxo

  2. wow, her space is soo clean, organized and inspiring! i love that first picture too!

  3. loving her office space :) So serene and pretty.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  4. Love the office space... but loving that watercolor even more!! And feminine elements mixed with rustic charm = swoooon. Digging your style, Christina!

  5. I am seeing Twig and Lily everywhere lately! Her space is lovely!

  6. It's great to read about talented and inspirational people!! Twig and Lily studio is just adorable!!

  7. So sweet! I love the space and her style..anything with a touch of whimsy is wonderful!

  8. She has fabulous designs and what a lovely work space.

  9. I would literally kill for that office-what an amazing space for such lovely work!

  10. What a great space!! So many things she just wrote could have been me talking!!

  11. What an awesome work space for an awesome chick :) Great interview!


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