Friday, November 18, 2011

{happy friday} macaron madness

As I mentioned last week I headed out to NYC and I finally tried Laduree macarons for the first time.  As we approached the shop, I noticed a massive group of people ahead. I began thinking to myself "Please don't let that be the line" but of course it was. Dammit! So we quickly walked to the end of the line because we spotted a large group approaching it. Ha! beat ya! Slowly we inched toward the door and after an hour I could finally see the store front and quickly forgot about how the meter time was quickly going to run out or how we still had to catch the 8 o'clock show.  I had to catch myself from pressing my face against the window to take it all in. The shop was breathtaking! Now I was really excited!! The greeter finally let us in and I was trying to take a mental picture of everything, the macarons, the boxed teas, the candles! I wanted it all! Luckily {or unluckily depending how you see it} we still had to wait in line for 15 to actually order. It was difficult decided which flavors to choose but in the end I went with two chocolate, two cafe, two lemon, one raspberry and one vanilla {the only disappointing one}. At the checkout I quickly remembered about Jordan's post saying how pretty their napkins were and I asked for one too! 
So the macarons are long gone but not forgotten and I'm going to attempt to make them at home to give as gifts to girls for Christmas. I know they aren't going to be a amazing as Laduree but it will be a sweet little reminder of our trip together. Does anyone know of a good macaron recipe? Please share! Have a great weekend, friends! 

favorite links of the week...
photo: Laduree {Greige Interiors} Bag {iphone pic}


  1. I have always wanted to go there! YUM!

  2. Chris, go back and try the caramel with salted butter or cassis... you will dye!

  3. Oh, how I wish I could visit-I've been dreaming about those macarons!

  4. Perfect way to finish off a week. It's dessert! ;)

  5. Yay!! I'm so glad you like our Harry Potter wedding shoot! Thanks for the link, girl!

  6. Those look worth the wait! Hope you share your macaron making adventures- would love to try these too :)

  7. Happy Friday, Chris :) Laduree sounds like heaven!


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