Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{in the studio with} annabella charles photography

Annabella Brandon of  Annabella Charles Photography

Memphis, Tennessee 
How many years have you been in the wedding industry? 
Almost 4 years. 3 Full time

How did you get started?
I fell in love with weddings while planning my own..I was a full time nanny with dreams of being a photographer. (at the time I wanted to travel and shoot for national geographic (big dreams) After I had my daughter I decided to go full time with my weddings. (crazy but best decision I made for my company)  and it has blown up from there.
Where do you go for inspiration?
Everywhere , museums, Books, Pinterest - i'm obsessed , Martha Stewart of course, Food Blogs

What is your signature style? 
Clean, organic, I pay very close attention to detail
What’s your favorite spot in your studio? 
My couch,  It's very warm and comfy.. a very happy place to be

Do you have a current favorite color palette or wedding trend?
 If it's not obvious with my branding colors... and website but sea colors.. sea greens and blues. they are bright but calming. 
Where do you see your business in 5 years? 
Wow.. Ok 5 years. I will be 30!!! My goal when I was in high school was to be published in National Geographic by the time I was 30. clearly I went in a different route... I would love to be stronger and better... and Published in Martha Stewart. ( I can dream big right?)

Finish this sentence
 “I can’t live without…” COFFEE... and the internet.... and eyeliner.... and of course my little family :)
To see more of Annabella's space visit her blog {here}


  1. I love how life changed her plans, but it worked out so sweetly. Can't wait to see Annabella in Martha Stewart someday! xo

  2. GORGEOUS pics! being able to follow your dreams is priceless.

  3. Holy moly - love her clean and organic style! Heading over to the blog to see more!

  4. wow. what a clean and streamlined look. Love how airy it feels. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Love her studio! The colors are so soothing!

  6. xoxox. thank you so much for the feature, and everyone's sweet comments

  7. Holy hell, Annabella-that studio is a dream!

  8. Her studio is incredible! I want a studio like that! :)

  9. Annabella is one talented young photographer. She has the gift. You know, THE gift of framing life behind that lens without even thinking about how to do it. She makes my flower work look lovely every time and has taken praise worthy photos of myself and family. Love her!

  10. The is really comfy! Such an ideal kind of color,setting and fresh look in a dining area. Very very nice to build your dreams in a place like that!


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