Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{real wedding} danielle + steven

You never would have guessed that Danielle + Steven's wedding was first inspired by the book series Lord of the Rings.  I'll let Danielle take over and explain her vision with us..."Oddly enough (or, perhaps, not that odd for those who know me) the inspiration for my wedding came from my favorite book, or book series: Lord of the Rings.  More specifically, it came from a particular scene… Bilbo Baggins’s 111th birthday party.  The movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" put it perfectly in visual form: a party beneath the starry night sky, in the midst of a green meadow with guests drinking and dancing merrily to music. 
The VanLandingham Estate provided the perfect venue for this “garden party.”  Like Bilbo’s party, I wanted all the wedding festivities to take place under the night sky with lanterns hanging from above and a few candles scattered below to provide lighting." 
"My first instinct for a color scheme was the same for the Fellowship.  Green, gold, and white or ivory, which would be perfect for an early fall wedding.  However, after I got my dress and selected my bridesmaids’ dresses in a chocolate brown, I shifted the color scheme slightly.  Green would be there in the grass, trees, and other garden greenery around the Vanlandingham Estate.  I thought I would bring in the gold, white, and browns with my flower and dress choices.  I was very happy with the evolution of the theme and after all of this (the setting, flowers, and dresses) was selected most of the overall aesthetic was in place."
"Probably the other BIG thing to set the stage for the overall “feel” of the wedding was the invitations, which I just fell in love with.  Steven, my husband to be, was very adamant about the quality of the invitations and insisted on letterpress. I was worried because it could become quite expensive.  In the end, it was totally worth it.  I encourage anyone and everyone interested to take a look at Mink Letterpress.  Nicole, the artist, is very talented and great at honing in on your aesthetic and creating something you could never have dreamed up on your own."
"I only took on a few DIY projects and for good reason as krafts are so not my thing.  Luckily I have a few artistic friends in my life who were willing to provide their expertise to the event.  The escort cards and escort card board were my biggest and most troublesome projects.  I bought the cards as well as the paint pens and decorative hole punch at Michael’s.  I found the animal stamps, which I used to indicate meal choices, on  I tried not to over-saturate the stamp - erring on the side of less ink - which made the cards come out looking rustic.  Perfect for the ‘theme.’  I also wrapped the board itself in burlap to continue the pattern set by the table runners."
"The wedding turned out perfectly.  The weather played games with our hearts all day and it came down to a judgement call at the eleventh hour: set up the tables under my tentless frame and risk the rain or take the safer route and set up inside -- a far from ideal solution.   I went with my gut; the rain held off and this party was meant to take place under those stars.  Best decision of the day (I had, of course, decided to marry Steven years ago, so I can say this with certainty).  The pictures say it all.  We had an awesome time and the aesthetic was everything I hoped for.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone spotted a hobbit amongst the guests; they would have felt right a home."
{Bride’s dress} Justin Alexander, purchased at NY Bride & Groom
{Bridesmaids dresses} Da Vinci, purchased at NY Bride & Groom
{Groom and groomsmen attire} David’s Bridal
{Makeup & Hair} Who’s the Fairest?
{Florals} The Place for Flowers
{Cake} Cheesecake Etc.
{Ceremony music} Renee Painter, pianist and singer; friend of the family
{Reception music} Jill with All the Right Grooves
{Caterer} VanLandingham Estate
{Rentals} Creative Solutions
{Invitations & Programs} Mink Letterpress


  1. So many gorgeous details, the shoes, they type font, the flowers, the earrings - all so lovely!!

  2. Who knew that a wedding inspired by a party in Lord of the Rings could be so chic! Beautiful and so classic! :)

  3. This is so lovely. The sweet details and subtle color story are perfect!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous celebration! You never know where inspiration will come from, but this was truly inspired!

  5. The photos are unbelievable. They capture the bride's vision, for sure!

  6. Love the detailing on the shoes. Gorgeous.

  7. beautiful wedding , I like it .

  8. love her dress! simple and beautiful :) oohhh and her shoes are so nice

  9. I love the dress and the open-air marquee. If we could be certain of good weather I'd love to do this but an exposed Cornish headland means we may need the shelter!
    I love the 'earthy' yet chic quality xxxx

  10. oh my GOSH - that bouquet!!! swoooooooooon!!!

  11. beautiful wedding dresses, wonderful wedding style

  12. Simply lovely. By the way if anyone is interested in letterpress cards check out these guys!


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