Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{good eats} unfrosted wedding cakes

Back in 2010, I first posted this tasty "naked cake" and I'm blown away by how unfrosted wedding cakes are becoming one of 2013 biggest trends.  Regardless if they are adorned with fruit or flowers these cakes will sure make everyone excited for the dessert course. 


  1. Aren't they just perfect? Love!

  2. I wasn't a fan at first (I love frosting!) but naked cakes have grown on me!

    always, koru kate

  3. My favorite naked cake is from Miette–it's so delicious I get one for practically every occasion!

  4. Naked cakes are a piece of art and the wedding world is gobbling them up! Thanks for the beautiful share!

  5. Naked cakes are the best! I love them...and it's not as easy as most might think to make. The cake in the photo shot by my friend Christine Chang was made by me! Yup! For a photoshoot! Happy to see it here!


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