Thursday, April 13, 2017

CREATE | Carrot Boutonniere

I couldn't resist this sweet DIY craft and I had to share it.  These adorable carrot boutonnieres are whimsical and fun for your littlest bridal party member.


Cut your felt into a small 3×3 inch square
 Wrap felt around stuffing into a cone shape and secure with hot glue
 Push stuffing down and cut off excess felt on the top, making sure you have a tiny bit left to pinch
 Stuff the greenery into the top of the “carrot” and pinch closed
Secure the pinch with a tiny rubber band (we used a toddler girls one)
Wrap your velvet around the carrot top and tie in a knot (we glued ours down as well)
 Now just safety pin to your dapper little guy’s shirt!

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