Thursday, July 22, 2010

{diy} butterfly terrarium

let go back...waaaaay back in april where i created my first {diy}. do you remember it? if not here's the link

so, the other day i ransacked my craft closet {yes i have one...doesn't everyone?} and decided to create a simple and inexpensive centerpiece. 
what do you think? i know the photography isn't the greatest but i'm working on that.

you want to know the best part - each little butterfly terrarium cost less than $5 each. sweeeeet!!!

hydrangeas {artificial or real} *i used real ones from my garden
clear vase
10" paper doily
mini wired butterflies

{1.} cut the stem off just below the hydrangea head
{2.} carefully insert hydrangea inside the vase {depending on the size of your hydrangea, you might need to use two}
{3.} insert mini wired butterfly
{4.} place paper doily on top of the vase opening and tie ribbon around it. 
{5.} place it on your table and let your guests oh & ah about it


  1. Such a lovely idea!! Perfect for a centerpiece!

  2. Super cute and unique idea! Keep them coming, Chris!

  3. genius! and I can only imagine how beautiful your garden must look judging by that beautiful bloom...

  4. Chris...this is just adorable!!! Such a cute and pretty idea! Love it!!!


  5. So, so pretty!!! Delicate, charming and joyful!!!
    So nice all your blog and pics and words!!
    Kisses all the way from Brazil!!

  6. This is beyond cute and charming! You go!

  7. OMG this is freaking precious. Chris. Brides will love this! You = extremely creative. Love it.

  8. Totally jealous that you have such beautiful flowers in your garden firstly!! And secondly what a cute creation!! Love!


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