Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{style} flower girls

everyone knows that flower girls steals a tiny bit of the spotlight when they run walk down the aisle.  i collected a few of my favorite looks for the littlest girl in your bridal party. 
which look do you prefer ... the a classic look with rich velvet that is perfect for autumn and winter weddings, a lighter look of delicate ruffles or the skirt and cardigan combination?

{rich fabrics}

{light & delicate}

{cardigan & skirt combo}
ruffle cardigan {gap} sparkling tutu {old navy} pocket cardigan & taffeta cupcake skirt {j. crew}


  1. Adorable, Chris! Love them all, but flower girls wearing cardigans with tulle skirts are so cute!

  2. Sweet sweet sweet!!!!! Great inspiration for brides who want their flower girls to be cute... or in this case... gorgeous!!!!!

  3. ohhh it is going to be dangerous when I have a little girl! These are too die for !

  4. The Papo d'Anjo girls look just like American Girl dolls with their burgundy velvets! I must say though, there's something irresistible about a cardigan and sweet skirt!

  5. Oh this is a great post Chris! Flower girls are so fun to dress for weddings...and you didn't forget them! How adorable are these picks - so sweet!


  6. Oh, i love those. I actually prefer the rich fabrics!

  7. These are so sweet! I love the middle two dresses but I think a skirt and cardigan would be equally as adorable.

  8. I DIE for some flower girl dresses! They are so bite-sized and adorable! Great picks!

  9. This is SUCH a cute post! Great idea, Chris! xoxo


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