Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{couples} alex + dave

when amber from {live it out photography} sent me this love shoot i found myself in tears by the end of her email. yes they’re a gorgeous couple and yes the images are lovely but what really touched me was how fondly amber spoke about her cousin alex. 
a few months ago alex fell into a coma and found out that she had two spinal tumors that were hemorrhaging and recently had her second surgery to remove them.  amber spoke about alex’s positivity and how she was proud of her cousin and that really hit close to home. about two years ago, i was in amber's shoes. after many tears and prayers my cousin beat it and is now cancer free and i only wish the same for alex.
shot a month after her first surgery at princeton university, this shoot played a double role. it was also a band shoot because this adorable couple are also known as {snowbirds} a cute minimalist folk band. they’re releasing an ep this year "red velvet sweater vest} and needed some updated pictures as well. 
here is what amber had to say about this duo: "you may know them as snowbirds...but we know them as dave {lover of beards, plaid and alex} and alex {lover of mexican hot chocolate, new edition {yea i said it}...and dave too} snowbirds was conceived on route 90 whilst road-tripping across the country.”
to see more of this love shoot visit their blog {here}

much love going out to amber, alex and dave! 

snowbirds is the brainchild of alex and daver, born on route 90 on the way back from a life-changing trip across the country to yellowstone national park. we're just two people - a voice and an acoustic guitar - in love with music... and each other!


  1. Their story is so sweet, and they are just adorable together! She has a beautiful voice, I'm a fan :D

  2. what a moving story...best of luck to Alex and Dave!

  3. what a moving story...best of luck to Alex and Dave!

  4. what a story. wishing them both the very best.

  5. Oh their story is so touching! Have tears over here! What an ordeal for Alex to go through...I am so thrilled to see that she is better, and your cousin too Chris! May they each be kept safe and well. Wishing them nothing but the best in life, love and success!!



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