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Being such a wedding geek, I've always been fascinated with wedding pros like event planner, Sarah Taggart of {A Polished Plan}.  I always wonder how in the world they manage to keep everything running smoothly on their client's most important day of their life.  Sarah was kind enough to answer a few questions and share with us what her day is like.   

P&P:  It's the wedding day, you wake up....what is the first thing you are thinking about to get the day started for your bride?
Sarah: I am normally thinking about getting over to the reception site for set-up. Checking over rental items, arranging tables and furniture, working with the florist, going over last minute set-up details with the banquet coordinator…those are all on my to-do list for the morning! Once I feel good about things there, I zip over to where the bride is getting ready to see her shining face! Then, I do a quick check in at the ceremony location (if different from the reception site) and then back by the bride’s side for her final moments as a single gal!

P&P:  When you first arrive at the reception location, what do you tackle first from a to-do list that seems never ending?
Sarah: Typically, I first arrange and organize all of those small details that MAKE the event! Things like placing the favors, arranging the photo booth/candy bar/dessert table, escort card display, bar/signature drink details, cocktail hour furniture/tables, etc. Once all of those details are in place, table arrangements and place settings fall into place nicely…
P&P:  How do you organize (and NOT overlook) all of the million little DIY details and accessories that weddings have? Does a checklist really cut it? 
Sarah: For me, a checklist really does cut it! I go line by line, bullet point by bullet point, and make sure that everything that needed to be addressed has been touched by myself or my on-site staff. But more than that, I am able to keep track of all the little details because the Polished team has been immersed in the details with the bride and groom for many months leading up to the day. This is why I feel strongly that hiring a planner at the last minute just for the “day of” is usually not that benefical for anyone! Because I have been involved in all of the emails, phone calls, and decisions, I have a good sense of what needs to be done without ever having to look at my checklist…

P&P: Is there a trick for keeping everything on-time and on-schedule? With so many vendors prepping back to back, how do you deal with the inevitable set back to the set up schedule?
Sarah: My cell phone! For an average wedding, I probably make around 100 phone calls during the wedding weekend!!! I am in constant contact with all of my vendors to make sure they are on time and on schedule. I get a sense of where their office is located in relation to the drop off site and when they should leave to get there on time. Then, I check in, check in, and check in! If anyone is running late or runs into any issues, I am almost immediately made aware and have plenty of time to adjust and make a plan B. On your wedding day, your wedding planner has to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and not wait for them to happen!
P&P:  What do you say to the bride just as she is about to walk down the aisle? Words of wisdom?
Sarah: As the church doors open or she turns to face the aisle, I tell her to look straight into her partner’s eyes and savor the joy. In that moment, that is the most important person in the world and that is who will keep her calm, focused, and SMILING!

P&P:  As a planner, what is the worst, most stressful, thing that you have ever had to deal with on a wedding day?
Sarah: Hurricane Irene was a doozy! With a wedding at a yacht club in CT that was happening no matter what, we had to buckle down and figure out how to make it all work- rain, shine, or hurricane! With a bit of creativity, a few compromises, and a dream team of vendors- we created an incredible event that guests will talk about for years to come…

P&P:  What are your MUST HAVE items on the wedding day?
Sarah: In no particular order, these are things I cannot survive without on the BIG day.

~ Comfortable shoes. If my feet hurt, my whole body hurts. If I could get away with wearing my Nikes, I would do. But I usually just settle for a comfortable pair of flats.

~ Cell phone charger. See question #4. Even the energizer bunny battery wouldn’t stand a chance.

~ Bag o’ tricks. This is my go-to everything bag and never leaves my sight! You name it, I’ve got one of it in here. And if I don’t have it, I’m on my cell phone figuring out a way to get it for you. 

~ Emergency umbrella. Because you just never know. And your wedding dress is just too pretty to get all wet!
P&P: When, if ever, do you finally let out a sigh of relief as if to say...phewww, the wedding was a success! 
Sarah: I don’t allow myself to have a sigh of relief until the bride and groom are in the getaway car waving good-bye to their guests. However, this is NOT to say I don’t enjoy myself during the wedding! You can find me along the wall by the bandstand or DJ booth, tapping my feet and singing along to all the classic Motown songs…

Check out what's inside Sarah's Bag o' tricks...

all inside Longchamp "LePliage" bag

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  1. Oh wow... this article is super. It takes a certain type of person to be a wedding planner thats for sure! I will defo consider for my big day. ;-)

  2. I love Sarah's bag 'o tricks, I'm going to have one waiting for me in my limo after the wedding!


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