Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{in the studio with} twiggs photography

Claudia, also known as Twiggs of Twiggs’ Photography

Lisbon, Portugal
How did you get started in photography?
 Well, I didn’t quite noticed it, but I always liked photography and I remember having a small film camera on my family vacations… but then it was just later in 2007 that I got a point-and-shoot for Christmas while I was in NY, when I started to really enjoy taking pictures and explore that creative side… then I joined Flickr a few months later and the adventure continued at full speed! However it never crossed my mind I would or could make a living out of such field, as I’m graduated in Psychology and for 8 years I worked as a Psychologist/Human Resources Consultant.

Where do you go for inspiration? 
Everywhere, but I love Lisbon to take pictures, as there is a magical light in this city… the narrow streets inspire me, the small windows with typical white crocheted curtains inspire me, small details that get unnoticed by those who walk by inspire me… vintage cars… nature… the sun in the end of the afternoon…
What's your signature style? 
Well, I never thought about that until I started to go to Handmade Markets with my work, as I sell Fine Art Prints online. And suddenly my work started to get labeled by those who passed by. Apparently I have a whimsical work… something that makes it hard for people to believe that I actually took and worked on those pictures (never understood that, anyway!)J When I take pictures of people, I love to play with light, enhancing the colours… I don’t play all soft and sweet, but I like how colours can match a soft golden light… and also play a little with innocence.

What’s your favorite spot in your studio? 
The only one I’ve got, my chair in front of my laptop… as I have a cork board in front of me, I have placed some things that inspire me… and asides from that, the fact that I can reach everything from where I seat, is amazing! I try to keep it organized, so that I can work and feel organized!
Where do you see your business in 5 years? 
Oh my, I wish I can see myself as an independent photographer, keeping my business as a blogger, fine art seller and also as a web-designer. If I can manage these four things I will be a very happy Twiggs! I would like to focus on Portraiture… Engagement… Motherhood…

Finish this sentence 
“I can’t live without… my family as it is right now and a creative life! My boyfriend supports my ideas and business as I never thought I could have someone supporting me… and my dog is a full-time presence on my daily routines, so I can’t live without these “two” boys in my life... I also have worked for a few years in a consulting environment and it made me think about what I want to do and what kind of life I don’t want to live. And this creative life is something that really makes me a happy and fulfilled girl, or should I say woman as I turned 31 the other day? Hum… ;)


  1. Love her inspiration board and ladder shelving - great space!

    1. thank you so much will!!! the living-room/studio is a little bit different now, but the ladder maintained there, i love it! it's just a shame i don't have more vintage cameras! :)

  2. thank you so much for having me, it was such an honor!!! have a lovely day! twiggs

  3. I love reading interview with other creative types, so thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a darling space! Love the bulletin board!

  5. I love seeing in other people's offices / studios!

  6. I'm with Sandy, I love her inspiration board!

  7. Twiggs is an amazing artist! She is so creative and her style is truly unique! So glad i had the chance to see her being featured here ;)

  8. I like posts that inspires and reading your interview is inspiring. Thanks! You're beautiful and you have a great smile! :)

  9. This room is so adorable!!! I think it is a great way to express yourself by customizing your room! Another great way to express yourself is through custom cigars! They add a cute spin for any occasion!


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