Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{shoot} simply lovely

If I had to describe today's style shoot in two words, it would have to be simply lovely. Oh and I can't forget to mention how I'm completely smitten with the macaroon bar.  
The dynamic duo of Pedro and Marina from Fotografamos sent over this lovely shoot to share with you fine folks.  Here's what they had to say...We knew we wanted to do this in Casa de São Sebastião, a venue right here in Aveiro, Portugal because we shot a wedding there in August last year and fell in love with the place and the people. It’s a lovely, classic and elegant early-last-century house completely disguised in the city centre.  With that in mind, we contacted them and explained our concept. The moment José Carlos brings out their beautiful antique tableware, we knew we were set! 
Up to that point we had no theme whatsoever, but the color scheme was easy: the tableware was white with grey and gold stripes. So we gathered a talented group of people and started from there.  Since we wanted to work with something a little different from the usual fresh flowers, we called in Marisa, a good friend who does wonderful Origami flowers and she was thrilled to join the team.  Anabela and Rui, from Disha Gourmandise, a local boutique bakery, supplied the delicious macaroons and the simple, delicate and beautiful cake.  Gisela from Lodo designed and developed the stationery. LODO develop original and innovative Design objects and are super fun to work with.  Teresa and João (the models) had their hair styled by Joana from EnVogue hair salon. Makeup was done by Daniela Ramalho, a young rising star in makeup business.

{Cake and macaroons}  Anabela and Rui  
{Hairstyling} Joana  
{Makeup artist} Daniela  
{Origami} Marisa
{Stationery} Gisela  
{Wedding dress and suit} Carla



  1. Lindo, lindo lindo!!!!!! Marina and Pedro are two amazing human beings!!! I'm so happy to see their work featured at Postcards and Pretties!!!! ;)

  2. Lovely shoot by my "neighbours", Pedro and Marina!

    Congratulations guys, and thank you Chris for featuring it! :)

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    We're incredibly honored to be featured in Postcards and Pretties.
    Thank you so much Chris. You rock :)

    Bestest of regards,
    Pedro + Marina.

  4. oooh i just adore all of that paper!! beautiful shoot!

  5. Wow this is lovely... I'd kill for some of those macarons right now!!

  6. So so SO pretty! Love the soft colors and the gold- just lovely.

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  8. That IS lovely! And I love a good macaron bar!!

  9. Sooo amazing! Great.

    kind regards

  10. That is simple and lovely! Amazing work:)

  11. Love her fringe! Her hair is stunning.

  12. The details in this are so beautiful! Her hair, the origami flowers, the embossed cake, the macaroons! It is so very lovely!

  13. these oregami flowers are so lovely :X:X:X:X

  14. Great photography. Nice job catching the emotions on their faces. You can just feel the happy between them.


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